CBOND-LITE Polyester Coating (same as signage grade)

  • Flatbed printable (cannot be fabricated)
  • 3mm Thickness, 0.10mm Skin and 0.15mm Skin

Cbond Lite ACP sheets 0.10mm skins have the same colour longevity as well as a warranty as signage grade however they are not ideal for large areas of cladding for the following reasons. Cbond Lite Aluminium Composite Panels are also not suitable for fabrication.

1. Rigidity – these are not as rigid as the premium signage grade as they have 0.10mm skins whereas signage grade has 0.3mm skins  

2. Structural strength is a lot less than signage grade. Whatever you put behind to support it, it would still become wavy and easy to bend.

3. More support and rivets or screws/adhesives are needed to compensate for the less strong sheet.

For special colours:

Lead time approx: 10 weeks

Min qty 50 sheets (1.5m x 3.05m) for special colours we require a deposit.

We also recommend with a colour you opt for silver or white on the other side for insurance.