Spec Sheets

Backlit PVC

Backlit PVC 5.1m

Backlit PVC 3 Year

Backlit Film PET

Black White 15oz 500gsm 9x9

Black White 15oz 500gsm 9x9 (4.6, 5.1)

Black White 15oz 500gsm 12x12

Black White 15oz 500gsm 12x12 3 Year

Layflat Coated Banner PVC

Layflat PET UV

Layflat PET Latex

Mesh PVC

Mesh PVC with Liner

One Way Vision

One Way Vision 3 layer UV

Tarpaulin 900gsm

White Black White Blockout 440g

White Black White Blockout 600g

CBond ACP Signage Grade

CBond ACP Signage Grade Mirror Finish (Indoor)

CBond ACP Lite

CBond ACP PVDF Construction Grade

Free Form PVC Sheets

Fabric 4 Way Stretch

Fabric Backlit 190g

Fabric Black White 190g & 260g

Fabric Block Out 250g

Fabric Canvas 150g Sail Material

Fabric Canvas 170g Sail Material

Fabric Frontlit 215g & 220g Opaque Stiff

Fabric Flag Material

Fabric Mesh Flag Material

Fabric Wallpaper Coated with FR

Fabric Wallpaper Woven Economy

Wallpaper 3D Embossed Standard

Wallpaper 3D Embossed Stipple Pure White

Wallpaper Gravel Textured

GraphSol 6 Month White Gloss & Matt

GraphSol 6 Month Gloss White Block Out

GraphSol 3 Year Gloss White

GraphSol 3 Year Gloss White HIGH TACK

GraphSol 3 Year Gloss & Matt White Block Out

GraphSol 3 Year Clear Gloss & Matt

GraphSol 3 Year Super Clear Film

GraphSol 3 Year Colour Vinyl

GraphSol 3 Year Gloss Lamination with UV

GraphSol 3 Year Matt Lamination

GraphSol 3 Year Wheat Textured Lamination

GraphSol 5 Year Gloss White Block Out

GraphSol 5 Year Gloss Clear

GraphSol 5 Year Polymeric Lamination Gloss & Matt

GraphSol Reflective White Honeycomb Vinyl

Magnetic Ferro Steel Paper Sheets

GraphSol Glass Etch Window Film

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